UK Election and Co-creation

If you haven’t seen, go- now- it is such a laugh! The UK is waking up over the next month to something interesting- how to engage people in political promotion during an election campaign. Of course, the British love satire, and they are happy to turn their irony onto party political advertising. Now the Labour party realises that if you can’t beat them, join them. So, it has launched a competition for people to upload their ideas for Labour poster adverts. The brief is demanding- they are taking this seriously. The Independent on 30 March 2010 has a great article called “One I made Earlier” that shows what the journalist’s version looks like.  Have a go yourself at   This is how you can get people involved; the winners will actually get published, so should attract a reasonable number of entrants. Maybe a way to appeal to younger people who normally get so turned off politics that they don’t bother to vote?  Do you think this approach works?