Back at work

OK- I’ve been called a Luddite, a technophobe, a wrinklie. I am not a digital native, and sometimes I have to take it slow. So, I took a summer off (all right, it’s been five months). I admit WordPress scares me. But, I also know I have to get better. Practice what I preach. If I expect PR students to get social media, I have to at least make an effort. So, I brought in my social media superhero, Mel Lewis, to get me sorted and a little less scared. So, here goes…..a whole series of PR blogs about teaching PR, working in PR, commenting on other people’s PR. Feel free to nag if I go silent…


BA Management’s Stunningly Successful PR

imageI’m a frequent flyer with BA, and have been dealing with the threatened strike action by cabin crew for the past six months, as I try to find a time to make yet another transatlantic return visit to my family.  This could piss me off and turn me against the airline, but in fact, it hasn’t! I teach PR, and am finding the BA management’s handling of the strike to be a classic case study of how to trash your opponent’s image in the press, and win the hearts and minds of your customers. Although on this occasion, I’ve been forced to fly Virgin, in order to get to the USA over the Easter period, I am on the side of the management toughing it out- and all because of the way they have conducted their campaign.

They managed to show the public just how unreasonable the cabin crew are by briefing the media to compare the BA cabin crew wages and benefits to almost every other airline. Yep- BA crew are getting almost twice as much- and yet are greedy enough to strike over changes needed to deal with the fact that the airline lost £431 million pounds last year. Every step of the way, the BA CEO Willie Walsh ends up looking like a hero, when the Unite Trade Union spokesman looks like a throw-back to the 1980s- totally out of tune with what the customers need. Brilliant Job, BA- can’t wait til you are back in business so I can fly with you again!


Why yet another blog? Because wordpress is more open, more audience, better outreach (potentially) for people who are interested in communicating about communication.