Return of the Blog, or why Content Matters


Yeah- I know….it’s been a while. I have spent more than a year communicating with my chosen audience- PR students, academics and practitioners- via Twitter. But, it must be the writer in me. I find 140 characters a great way to signpost, to advertise, to promote something, but when it comes to offering insight? Well, it just isn’t enough.

Twitter now lets you add video and photos and all sorts of bolt-ons, but content? Well, it just doesn’t seem to be there. So, I shall return to the blog, refreshed and renewed in terms of enthusiasm.   Maybe that’s because I have spent the past year trying to convince students that PR is more than just “raising awareness”. That’s only step one. Beyond that, there are other mountains to climb- knowledge, interest, support and, oh yes, that elusive “reason why we are actually doing this” – changing behaviour.

Can 140 characters actually change the way you think? What you think about? Whether you like what you are thinking? Or, even change how you behave? I don’t think so.  Don’t get me wrong, I will continue to use twitter as a one way promotional tool. But, if you want to change the world, then 140 characters is just not enough.  So, watch this space….Cobweb


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One Response to Return of the Blog, or why Content Matters

  1. Lucie says:

    Although I agree with you Catherine, that 140 characters won’t change the world in one tweet…however I think if you take into account the person behind the tweet and their social influence, then you have a different story on your hands!

    In my blog post for example, it shows even small tweets can cause a social uprising; in particular the riots where tweets encouraged participation amongst easily influenced people.

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