Sent from my blackberry…

Last week my ancient PC died, or rather an obscure bit on the mother board that connects it to the internet died.  It made me realise just how dependent I had become on being connected. I knew that a new computer was on the cards, just procrastinated (don’t we all?). Making a new purchase after seven years of being absent from the market is a challenge; I didn’t want to rush out and buy the first thing I could get my hands on.  So that made me reassess my telephone requirements- time for a smart phone!

After years of an always on, 24/7, round the world type job, when I started teaching I consciously “dumbed down” my phone. No monthly contracts, pay as you go, a real stupid phone- no photos, no texts, no internet, no calls to mobiles- I never gave the number to anyone. A battery charge would last a month, and I spent about £30 a year on calls.

But, I can’t teach what I don’t do, and it’s been nagging at me that I needed a serious upgrade. So, last week I found myself in a phone store, making a choice.  And re-discovered the wonders of Blackberry. Years ago I was one of the first to use it in the UK, and eventually in the City of London, it became so prevalent that it was called “crackberry addiction”, welded to one’s hand and surreptitiously consulted under the board room tables when meetings went on too long. Constant companion on the train commute to and from London, it made it possible for me to stay on top of my e mails (I have over 600 in my inbox at University at the moment).   In the decade since I last had one, it now has all the bells and whistles- great camera, Twitter and Facebook links, five e mail accounts in a single inbox, Linked in, and downloadable apps- as well as the QWERTY keyboard I love, my old favourite brick breaker game, and the reliability of a GMS signal (radio waves- no black holes of bad reception). Robust, beautiful, functional- and SO not an Apple iphone!  This means business, like me…

What does your phone choice say about you?


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3 Responses to Sent from my blackberry…

  1. Jane says:

    welcome back 😉 Must confess I have my first Blackberry now and I am loving it, I don’t do much more than i did before but it’s the keyboard that has me smiling!

  2. KDBC says:

    My phones (plural) are tools. They serve ME. The BB is the device dedicated to work. The Droid (on a different carrier) supports my personal life. They’re generally on “silent”, but I can monitor everything during the day and keep up with the things I want, or need— to keep up with. Work dictates the BB— security and all that sort of thing… Being a wireless wonk, I change my personal devices to keep up with what the kids are doing… it keeps me up to date, even if I’m not a FB or Twitter afficionado. So what device do I REALLY love??? My 2g (not current by a mile!) NANO Ipod, strung from my neck on a lanyard with 385 of my favorite songs. It’s the 3 minute stress relief in my otherwise busy day. NOT the phones!

    Hope you are well, Catherine….

  3. Daniela says:

    At the moment I have a touch screen Samsung which has worked quite well for me so far. Even though it’s not a smart phone and it doesn’t even have a Symbian operating system it’s still pretty good. It came with apps for social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc) – which I use quite a lot, news, and instant messaging. I had a QWERTY phone before and I just wanted to try a touch screen before I can judge the idea. I really love them both now, but I think I’d stick to a touch screen, just because I’ve gotten so used to it. As I hate Apple, I don’t see myself ever buying an iPhone but maybe an upgrade to an Nexus is the next step. But for now, during Uni, when I’m not using it for work related e-mails or calls, this phone is pretty good.

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