PR Trendsetting?

“In 2011 we will see the role of the community manager become intrinsic to the success of the brand’s ability to engage that community… ‘Who’s your community manager?’ will be the phrase doing the rounds in marketing and PR departments in 2011.”

Flavour of the month, or trend of the future? This is the challenge for final year PR students. Can you grasp the professional need to do something different on social media when you have been used to using it for social reasons? Can you raise your game, so that you leverage your grasp of Facebook, Twitter and instant messaging into something more meaningful than the fact that you’ve just snogged your boyfriend?

I am still surprised that the “internet generation” still has so much to learn about community management. Facebook status updates from most users are banal, boring and repetitive- very “me focused” and assuming that the rest of the world cares when you are dancing on top of a table or waiting in a bus queue.

The tools of community management seem better used on Linked In (or Facebook for adults, as I tend to call it). At least there you join groups that are generally full of like-minded professional people, who want to discuss an issue that is more pressing than the latest music from an obscure band, or a Farmville move. Linked In is all about stakeholder management online, or what we now call community management.

Twelve of my students are taking on a final year media communication project, and most of them are working on some aspect of community management. They are the ones that will get jobs!


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One Response to PR Trendsetting?

  1. Anna says:

    In my opinion Facebook is still fresh as a tool in social media, people are using this tool mainly as a personal diary not as a professional tool to communicate with other professionals. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social networking site launched in May 2003, then is one year older then Facebook but still LinkedIn has only 80 million registered users when Facebook has more then 500 millions. Facebook will grow and If this will happen all Linkedln users will swap. We have give one more year…

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