What kind of stakeholder are YOU?

When I teach stakeholder theory in class, a lot fo students seem to think it is a case of one person, one stakeholder group. But, we all wear different clothes in the stakeholder game, because we have different relationships with an organisation. We can be shareholders, employees, customers- all at the same time. In my case, I am a stakeholder of the following groups:
* university lecturer
* novelist
* ballroom dancer
* American citizen
* rural village resident
* CIPR member
* church bell ringer
* Labrador dog owner
* poetry (Haiku) writer
* crisis PR consultant
* board level personal communication coach
* wife and carer for an 89 year old mother in law
This is just a short list- I could go on!
Consider what stakeholder groups you are a part of, and what meaning they have for you. if you had to choose just ONE, how one-dimensional a view would that be?


About catherinesweet
Academic, professional, communicator, stakeholder in a dozen different disguises

2 Responses to What kind of stakeholder are YOU?

  1. In the simplest of terms, I am a stakeholder of being female, a daughter, and a student. The rest of the things that I am a stakeholder of, make up my interests and make me, me. If I were to only be a stakeholder of one, my life wouldn’t have any shape; it would be very one-dimensional. If I were to only be a daughter, even if that was one of my most important stakeholder groups, then I wouldn’t have any other interests or facets to my life. It is the mix of all of the stakeholder groups that make you the person you are.

    • Stakeholder status is like a wardrobe- what clothes shall we wear today? it also means that PR appealing to one stakeholder group needs to work hard to get the targets to realise a) that they ARE part of that stakeholder group and b) that it is more important than another stakeholder role that could be pulling you in an opposite direction. So, when you get in a jam- is your role as a daughter more important than that of being a student? Deciding which stakeholder relationships are more important- prioritising your list- is the real challenge. In my case, as much as I like being a teacher, it’s being a partner to my husband that takes the priority- maybe that is what actually defines us- which stakeholder relationship is most important.

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