Back at work

OK- I’ve been called a Luddite, a technophobe, a wrinklie. I am not a digital native, and sometimes I have to take it slow. So, I took a summer off (all right, it’s been five months). I admit WordPress scares me. But, I also know I have to get better. Practice what I preach. If I expect PR students to get social media, I have to at least make an effort. So, I brought in my social media superhero, Mel Lewis, to get me sorted and a little less scared. So, here goes…..a whole series of PR blogs about teaching PR, working in PR, commenting on other people’s PR. Feel free to nag if I go silent…


About catherinesweet
Academic, professional, communicator, stakeholder in a dozen different disguises

2 Responses to Back at work

  1. Mel Lewis says:

    Catherine – you need to be tweeting this from @csweetPR and ‘retweeting’ from your other account so people know you have a PR account now!

    Just an added tip – glad to be of help!

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